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Growing Recovery in Derbyshire

The Growing Recovery in Derbyshire website is designed to be a Recovery Services gateway allowing anyone to find up to date information on Drug and Alcohol Services, Recovery Services, Mental Health and essential services throughout Derbyshire. A great resource to find out what’s out there in Derbyshire and where to find it.

Rhubarb Farm

Rhubarb Recovery: Rhubarb Farm

Volunteering and training opportunities with qualifications in horticulture for clients who are residing in north Derbyshire, on the 8 acre farm site in Langwith, Bolsover DC.

Jennie Street

01623 741 210

Chesterfield FC Community Trust

Aspire Right: Chesterfield Football Club Community Trust

A multi-sport offer via an 8 week programme of physical activities and related theory aiming to build confidence, and self-esteem, in order to create change in thinking towards health, wellbeing and habits.

Life Force

Life Force, Natural Living,Beardwood Farm

This project provides 40 days of rural activities leading to an improvement in the participants’ wellbeing through farming practices, sustainability, conservation and rural crafts. A Community Interest Company promoting 'Social Farming' on a 13 acre Smallholding in High Peak, Derbyshire.

Wash Arts Community Interest Company

Horti-Culture: Wash Arts

‘Horti-Culture’ project will work with people in recovery to deliver creative and horticultural opportunities providing support and enrichment to create positive changes in behaviour.

Susan Smith

0115 930 1229

High Peak Foodbank

RISE: High Peak Foodbank and Gamesley

The RISE project will provide coaching to project participants in recovery from drug and alcohol dependence in order to improve physical and emotional health and access work experience and employment.

Derventio Housing Trust

Growing Lives: Derventio Charitable Trust

Mentoring support, gardening, furniture recycling, cookery and arts and crafts. People will be signposted to learning and job opportunities and will be taught to produce healthy meals. Physical activity levels will be increased and art activities will provide a therapeutic element. Participants can volunteer for the Talent Match project.

0115 9443 865

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Lighthouse Training and Education

Lighthouse provides bespoke training and education for the residents of the 15 bed homeless unit in Shirebrook which will improve self-esteem and confidence leading to the outcome of work experience and employment.

Darren Jones

01623 746 352

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‘Re-Start’ Community Interest Company

The project will provide an improvement in the quality of life and employability by developing a network of ‘micro-businesses’ linking the community and environment. Participants will develop a working nursery and create a workshop which will produce saplings and garden furniture and ornaments for sale.

Carers in Derbyshire

The Carers in Derbyshire website has been created by a partnership of experienced carers, adult social care, health providers and the voluntary sector. The website has details of support services including carer support groups, information and advice services, local groups, advice on benefits, health and wellbeing and details of services to help carers get a break from their role. There is also advice about emergency planning, carers rights and training for carers.

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA Fellowships in Derbyshire

Read about AA meeting details in Derbyshire here.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous in Derbyshire

Search for your nearest meeting in Derbyshire using your postcode.

Towards Work

Towards Work – For people who want to access training or employment but have barriers preventing them from moving forward. Examples of barriers could be mental health, disability, low skills, criminal record and childcare. - Personalised 1:1 support with work for 12 months, including 3 months in-work support - Support with the costs of travel, childcare, qualifications etc. if identified within needs assessment at a barrier Website: https://www.towardswork.org.uk/

Julie Howells

07985 555 067


Money Sorted

Money Sorted – For people who require assistance with money management and financial inclusion support. - Personalised 1:1 support with work for 6 months - Support with the costs of travel, childcare etc. if identified within needs assessment at a barrier Website: http://moneysortedind2n2.org/


0115 9081534


Opportunity and Change Prigramme

Opportunity and Change – For people who have multiple complex needs, which are preventing them from being socially included and preventing them from achieving stability to gain employment. Multiple and complex needs include homelessness, or being vulnerably housed, having mental health issues, substance misuse issues, offending or ex-offending past (need to have at least 2 complex needs to be eligible). - Personalised 1:1 support with work for 12-18 months - Support with the costs of travel, childcare etc. if identified within needs assessment at a barrier Website: http://www.opportunityandchange.org/




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