Derbyshire Group raises much needed funds!

In our January issue we asked you to think about Dry January and to look at the possibility of making changes to drinking. One group in Ilkeston turned this into a great opportunity to raise valuable funds to support our groups and volunteers.

The Women's Craft group in Ilkeston raised £90 through an innovative idea to sell raffle tickets in support of Dry January. A hamper was put together full of delicious non alcoholic drinks. This not only raised awareness about the idea of Dry January and its purpose of improving the health and wellbeing but it also raised much needed funds so that our support groups and volunteers can enjoy events and attend training or conferences across Derbyshire. "The funds raised help our volunteers and support groups immeasurably" says Elaine Handley - DAAS Service Manage. "Whilst our groups and volunteers provide their support for free there is often the need for them to hold events or attend other events across the county. We thank the Ilkeston Craft group and the much appreciated efforts put into organising this."

Thank you also to Daryl Martinson from the group for organising the event.


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