DRP Staff sample the amenities at Spire Right, Chesterfield FC

Staff from Derbyshire Recovery Partnership attended a staff day at Aspire Right last month and had a great time being put through their paces, taking part in the various activities that are available to service users in Derbyshire as part of the Aspire right project. 

Would you take them on?

Would you take them on?

Working up a sweat ............

It's hard, all this planning .......

The purpose of this was for the staff to have first-hand experience of the project and the benefits of engaging in health & wellbeing projects.

Having this first-hand experience, staff will therefore be able to be increasingly informative when promoting this project to those accessing Derbyshire Recovery Partnership Services.

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Aspire Right: Chesterfield Football Club Community Trust

A multi-sport offer via an 8 week programme of physical activities and related theory aiming to build confidence, and self-esteem, in order to create change in thinking towards health, wellbeing and habits.


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