High potency M D M A


The strength of your ecstasy pills may be higher than you think

A record number of people have died after taking MDMA (ecstasy)

MDMA pills and MDMA powder are stronger than they have ever been.  One pill can be a dangerously high dose.

The only way of ensuring your safety is by not using drugs, but if you still choose to use:

  • Start with a small dose: start with a small test dose - a small dab of powder or 1/4 pill - and wait at least an hour before taking any more.
  • Don’t mix drugs: taking alcohol or other stimulant drugs such as cocaine increases the risk further.
  • Avoid overheating: overheating adds to the risk. Sip water regularly and have a break from dancing. If the weather is hot, wear a hat and sun screen.

Look after your mates:

  • Don’t use alone: keep an eye on your friends and look after them if they are in trouble.
  • Get help straight away: call for help (ring for an ambulance or take them to a first aid/welfare tent) as soon as they feel unwell or you’re worried about them. If they are unconscious put them on their side so they don’t choke on vomit, call for help and stay with them until help arrives.

Make sure you get the best from the festival season by staying safe.

Visit https://www.festivalsafe.com/ to find more information about how to safely enjoy the festival season.

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