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Our specialist Health Improvement Team within the Derbyshire Recovery Partnership provides specialist health screening as well as Hepatitis B vaccinations and Hepatitis C and HIV testing alongside advice and support. All those accessing drug and alcohol treatment in Derbyshire are encouraged to receive a health check and appropriate tests and vaccinations.

Specialist drug and alcohol prescribing is provided by our Consultant Psychiatrist in Substance Misuse and a team of specialist G.Ps, nurse and pharmacist prescribers. These interventions are undertaken after comprehensive assessment and appropriate drug/alcohol testing to support stabilisation and detoxification. The prescribing elements of the service works alongside an individual’s 1-to-1 structured care planned treatment goals to provide stability to reduce harm and promote long term recovery, the service believes that only individual change (not medical intervention alone) can lead to long term recovery.

The team also supports our enhanced needle exchange programme which engages with those IV drug users (inc steroid users) offering confidential support, advice and health assessment alongside the provision of safer injecting equipment. The specialist needle exchange programme is accessible anonymously and is open to anyone who wishes to access health advice, information, or safe injecting equipment (inc. safe storage boxes) without being in treatment.

The nursing team provides a broad range of interventions for the benefit of drug or alcohol users including:

  • Structured harm reduction interventions inc. advice and information about safer drug and/or alcohol use and safer sex
  • Specialist assessment in relation to additional health needs and pro-active liaison with other health agencies (inc G.P and hospital Liaison services).
  • Community-based drug and alcohol detoxification and monitoring
  • Health interventions including testing and vaccination for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C testing, ECG monitoring and appropriate referrals for ongoing treatment where required.
  • A range of community-based stabilisation and maintenance prescribing interventions for dependent drug or alcohol misuse
  • Health education support including smoking cessation, liver awareness and community alcohol reduction programmes
  • Time limited prescribing of recovery support medication such as Naltrexone or Disulfiram
  • Liaison, support and referral to community mental health and Initial Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services for mental health problems alongside drug or alcohol issues
  • Pro-active engagement with those identified as being at high risk due to health conditions to support engagement in treatment and developing a healthy lifestyle

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