Working with the The person not the substance

Counselling is offered to help support you to make changes and achieve freedom from dependency. We will work with you to achieve your goals and gain better understanding of yourself, learn improved coping strategies and improve your self esteem. Often clients tell us that the thoughts of a path ahead without substances is too difficult for them , feeling that without using drugs or alcohol it would be impossible to cope with difficult feelings. Counselling can help you identify and remove blocks which may be preventing you moving forward in your recovery and can provide you with improved ways to face and deal with difficult feelings. We can offer 12 sessions of one-to-one counseling and will provide sessions with you and a family member or partner where requested.

What you talk about with your counsellor is confidential, however if you have been referred by your key worker and you stop attending, we will need to let your key worker know. If we feel at any point through the counselling you or someone else is at immediate risk from your actions, we will discuss our concerns with your key worker.

To access DRP substance misuse counselling please speak to your allocated key worker.

My counsel was great and helped me so much, it didn’t feel like therapy, but it did make me realise that alcohol was not helping me deal with problems it was causing more!, I can highly recommend it, I am now well into my recovery and taking a counselling course myself

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