The Derbyshire Recovery partnership offer a range of training courses for professionals working in the field.


Alcohol Awareness & Brief Interventions

This introductory one day course covers aims to inform participants with the basic information about alcohol and the effects.

Topic which will be covered are:

  • Myths and Facts about alcohol
  • Units and current guidelines from the Department of Health
  • The physical effects of alcohol both short and long term
  • Definitions such as binge drinking, high risk and dependency
  • Brief Interventions
  • Support available and how to refer


Substance Misuse

This introductory course in substance misuse aims to inform participants with basic substance awareness covering alcohol and illegal substances.

Topics which will be covered are:

  • Myths and Facts about substances
  • Recommended unit guidelines
  • Substance categories
  • The signs and symptoms of substance misuse
  • Substance dependence
  • Substance misuse and the law
  • Motivation and brief interventions
  • Support available and how to refer


Working with High Risk Drinkers

This one day training course compliments the ‘Blue Light’ project from Alcohol Concern.

Based on the information contained in the Blue Light Project manual, but supplemented with our own ideas and resources, training looks at how to work with change resistant drinkers with the aims of assessing and managing risk, encouraging change and minimising harm.

Topics covered will include:

  • Denial
  • Promoting self belief and self efficacy
  • Recognising and responding to health concerns
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Containment

*Please note: This is a follow on course from the Alcohol Awareness & Brief Interventions training. Please ensure you have completed this course first before booking


Working with Families Affected by Substance Misuse

The aim of this course is to provide those working with families to develop skills in order to effectively intervene where drug and/or alcohol misuse is problematic.

By the end of the training learners will:

  • Be able to identify the impact of substance misuse on family members including partners and children
  • Be able to assess the severity of the substance misuse problem
  • Understand how problematic substance misuse use by parents may cause risk to their children
  • Understand the Harm Minimisation and Reduction as a concept
  • Be able to identify appropriate Harm Reduction strategies
  • Help families to develop coping strategies and minimising the risk of harm
  • Identify sources of support for families affected by alcohol misuse

*Please note: It is a requirement of attending this course that you have completed either the Alcohol Awareness & Brief Interventions or the Substance Misuse 1 course. Please ensure you have completed either course first before booking.

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